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JYQ-Eliminate various difficult miscellaneous diseases


Eliminate various difficult miscellaneous diseases

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1.Anti-virus: such as PCVD,PRRS, CSF, influenza, PRV, infectious enteritis, PED and depress, fever, bad breath, stay put, dry stool, red skin, spotted skin caused by secondary infection and mix-infection.
2.Antibacterial, anti-inflammation, analgesia; restrain and kill various types of bacteria and mycoplasma. Efficiently control pneumonia of swine, HPS, Swine plague, infectious pleurisy and infection of urine system.
3.Clear fever and detoxify: anti- Endotoxin, efficiently reduce fever caused by bacteriovirus.
4.Increase immunity, anti-disease ability: stimulate body’s reticulo-endothelial system, enhance activity of macrophage, strengthen T-lyphocytes and B lymphocyte. Break immunity limits, short the time of generation of antibody, meanwhile stimulate body’s anti-infection ability.
Administration and Dosage:
5 weeks after abandon milk. And 8-9 weeks piglet.
Pork pig:
One week after changing group or new coming.
Replacement gilts:
One month before matching
7 days before or after giving birth. Other period 1-2 times, 7 days each time.
Package: 100g/pack, 10packs/barrel, 8 barrel/carton
Storage: shady, dry, airtight place.
Validity: 2years