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Albendazole plus suspension V


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Each liter contains

25g Albendazole, 1g Ivermectin 620mg Cobalt sulfate and 270mg sodium selenite.



Used for the treatment and prevention from external and internal infection caused by the parasites in cattle, camel, sheep and goats. Gastrointestinal nematodes: Ostertagia sp.,Haemonchus sp., Trichostrongylus sp., Cooperia sp.,oesophagostomum sp., Bunostomun sp. And Chabertia sp.

Tenia: Monieza sp.

Pulmonary Enterobiasis: Dictyocaulus viviparous.

Hepatic Fasciola: Fasciola hepatica




It is contraindicated in the first 45 days of the pregnancy of cattle and during the first month of the pregnancy of sheep and goats. During treatment, the recommended dose should not be exceeded.


Drug residue cautions in foodstuff

Drug Residue Elimination Time: The animals for meat must not be sent to slaughter throughout the treatment and within 14 days following the last drug. administration. Milk obtained from the dairy animals throughout the treatment and for 28 days(14milkings) following the last drug administration should not be offered to consumption by human.

General warnings

Please refer to the veterinarian before use and in case of an unexpected effect.

Keep out of reach of the children.

Shake well before use.

Measures to be taken by the administrator

Please avoid contact with the drug and wash your hand after use.

Storage and shelf life

Shelf life is 2 years from the date of production.

Store at room temperature


Administration and Dosage

Unless recommended otherwise by veterinarian:

For Cattle and Camels :It is administered at a dose of 15 ml/50 kg bodyweight and for hepatic fasciola, it is administered at a dose of 20 ml/50 kg body weight.


For Sheep and Goats: It is administered at a dose of 2 ml/10 kg bodyweight and for hepatic fasciola, it is administered at a dose of 20 ml/ 50 kg bodyweight, it is only orally administered.