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JIUQINGTANG -- change breeding environment


clean the air, improve breeding environment

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Test result


Hoggery: Ammonia↓88.4%,  Hydrothion ↓99.6% 

Fowlhouse: Ammonia ↓93.2%,  Hydrothion↓95.95%

Death rate: ↓41.55%

Staphylococcus, colibacillus:↓90%


Detailed description

1. Prevent respiratory disease of fowl and ivestock, reduce hospitalization costs.

2. Reduce the amount of hazardous substance inside animal bodies, improve the quality of meat, milk, egg.

3. Good effect and working fast.

4. No harm to animal and human, cause no secondary pollution.


Specification: 500ml/bottle, 30 bottle/carton