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Environmental improvement -- JIUQINGTANG series products

作者:Depond  Published:2012-8-6 8:58:31  Hits:1674
Congratulations on the successful research of JIUQINGTANG series products
The magician of Healthy breeding, which is a weird name.
Yet, the marvelous effect can be counted as one reason. In the farming, no matter broiler, layers, swine, cattle and sheep need careful conduction during certain crucial periods so as to realize the real healthy breeding.
Otherwise, they will get ill and affect benefit.
There’re many ways of delicate administration, yet few of them can be really green, safe and effective. In order to achieve this aim, JIUQINGTANG will continuously perfect its technology.
Our orientation is to give culturist a fresh and clean working environment as the office workers have and make animals live healthily and happily.
Food from animals raised with JIUQINGTANG is safe, delicious and 100% percent healthy to people; make Chinese meat pass the test of all over the world.

JIUQINGTANG can help you attain the harvest on both quantity and quality.

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